About Us

From humble beginnings in a garage deep in Dallas suburbia, to a fresh new start with a passionate new owner that has years of experience in the industry, that also has the same core values and business standards as the original owners. Inward Scooters has grown to be the industry leader in custom built freestyle pro scooters. Our specialty lies in piecing together the perfect scooter for your custom needs by reviewing every order for compatibility between parts before we pack it up and send it to you no later than next business day.

Because every rider is built differently we at Inward turned the old cookie cutter industry standard on its head in 2008 when we custom cut every bar we sell to specific dimensions for each of our customers needs. If custom built isn’t your thing we also carry a wide range of ready to shred complete scooters for the street or local skate park. If you have any questions about scooters or what you think you might need, give us a call or email us.