Below are common Pro Scooter part assembly instructions for you to download or watch.
Also Provides very useful information.

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How to determine fork and compression compatibility on MGP decks.

How to make a tool to help you install wheel bearings.

How to measure the size of your scooter handlebar.

How to install a scooter brake.


How to easily replace a pro scooter axle without removing the wheel.


How to fix clamping problems with your pro scooter bar.


How to install stock ODI longneck bar end plugs in aluminum pro scooter bars.

How to install a Standard Compression System (SCS) on a District fork without using a star nut

How to Install and Remove Scooter Wheel Bearings

How to Remove and Install a Scooter fork Crown Race

How to make your own tool to install ICS scooter compression starnut

How to install an Unsealed Threaded or Threadless scooter Headset

How to assemble ICS compression on your scooter